A few thought about tenting

Well, I am back from my holiday although, being retired, I'm not sure what it was a holiday from. Perhaps from badminton, blogging and Bushwakkers.

It got me thinking about how much camping has changed for me, over the years. In the 1960's I can remember those old canvas tents that leaked in the rain and smelled musty all the time. We ate heavy breakfasts, bologna sandwiches for lunch and weiners and beans for supper. We also drank a lot of beer.

These days we mix it up. A few days camping balanced with a couple of days in a hotel. Our last evening in the tent we stayed at one of my favorite campsites in the National Park above Radium, B.C.

I had a nap in the afternoon while Shelley sat outside and read Ulysses.

We drove down to the hot spring early evening for a soak then made a supper of chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms, freshly picked corn on the cob and new potatoes, washed down with a bottle of Quail's Gate Pinot Grigio.

A far cry from the old days, but better.

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