What Were They Thinking?

I was looking through the Hill Times this week when I noticed that the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada is holding a conference in Ottawa, in May.   David Lewis is the keynote speaker and David Suzuki and Preston Manning will discuss Speaking Science to Power. All in all it sounds like an interesting conference.

I did think that it was a bit ironic that the Welcome reception was being opened by Stockwell Day, no friend of science, someone who thinks that dinosours and people existed on the earth at the same time. Go figure.

A few Word about Democracy

I also find it a bit ironic that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who tells Canadians that the loss of our young soldiers in Afghanistan  is the price which must be paid to bring democray to that country is the PrimeMinister who has done more to undermine democracy in this country than any Canadian political leader in recent memory.

The important decision made by the Speaker of the House yesterday is a small step, the first of many I hope, wrenching our country back toward a democracy which is more compatible with the democratic values Canadians hold dear.

The Jaffer Affair

Over the last year or so it seems that Rahim Jaffer met with several Conservative  staff member to discuss possible investment of government funding in some projests Jaffer was promoting.  Last week one minister admitted that his staff met with Jaffer in Calgary. A few days later it was revealed that they met in Ottawa, perhaps in Heleana Guergis' office.

Harper and the gang, have climbed up on their self-righteous high horses about it all, coming down on Jaffer from high heights. Wait a minute. Would someone explain to me why Jaffer is the bad guy and the Government ministers and their staff are blameless. The level of hipocracy is mind boggling.

Galloyay vs Coulter

As the British MP George Galloway affair gets rolled out in a Toronto courtroom week James Hiller questions in a letter to the old G&M how it is acceptable for the young Conservatives to bring hate monger Ann Coulter to Canada with the government's support while that same government worked to ban Galloway.

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