We always serve Tourtiere at Christmas.

One of the best things about having a crowd for Christmas is the cooking challenge it offers. It isn't just the turkey either. Over the next few weeks I know Morgan and I will be trying out new recipes to serve and reworking old ones in an effort to offer a tasty variety of meals and to fine tune our cooking skills, adapting to a larger group than we are used to.

One of the things I always make Christmas time is a meat pie which has it's roots in Quebec called tourtiere. The arguments go on and on about it origins and what the best ingredients are.
I use ground pork, ground beef and sometimes a bit of ground chicken but often venison was used. Some people add potatoes, often mashed but, others use pieces of boiled potatoes. Some claim that there are as many tourtiere recipes in Quebec as there are families. That is probably a fair assessment.

Historically Quebec was a very traditionally Catholic society so, particularly in small rural communities, everyone went to church Christmas Eve. Traditionally, Tourtiere is served after Christmas Mass. I make them and freeze a few and cook them for an easy evening meal.

I put the recipe onto one of my recipe blogs. Try making this dish it is easy and fun to make not to mention, very tasty.

You can find the recipe by following the link on the left hand side of this page which will take you to my main cooking blog, Gord's Kitchen or simply follow this link.

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