Rouyn to Lennoxville

From Rouyn we drove south to a spot in the Laurentions where my mother has a cabin. No one has been up in over a year so we were a bit concerned. Last winter there was a good deal of snow and we wonder at times how long the roof is going to last.

We found everything in good shape and after some repairs to the chimney and some of the screening everything was fine.

Did I mention we saw a bear on the drive in. Very cool.

Chris and I took the canoe out after super as it was getting dark, and the moon was rising. Very pretty.

This morning early. a pair of mature loons and a young one swam no morethan 30 feed from where I was standing. It was a beautiful, misty morning.

We drove out early this morning, dropped off in Ste Anne de Bellevue for a quick visit then were off the Lennoxville and got Chris moved in.

This is a lovely small university town. Chris will have a great bike ride to class but a bit of an uphill climb home

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