What about this Swine Flu?

I find a few things bit unnerving about this swine flu thing.

To start with, if it is spread by tourists bringing this flu back from Mexico and considering that it seems everyone here in Saskatchewan but me, and a few other floor hockey players goes to Mexico every year. We most likely are at peril.I am becoming very suspicious of anyone with the sniffles and a tan.

To be honest, I am not sure if the World Health Orginization (WHO) is just being very cautious and covering their asses or if we really are on the edge of a pandemic. In any case, no matter what warning are out there, nothing much will be done to prepare until it is too late. I am willing to bet that 99% of employers are not doing anything special to prepare for a pandemic should one occur.

Pandemic is a very frightening word, or at least it should be.

What about the food distribution for example? If a pandemic occurs and there are not enough truck drivers around willing or able to get our food to stores, we are in big trouble. How much do you have in the cupboard? Don't forget, most stores only have enough stock of the shelves for a very short time. We'll probably all have to learn how to cook lentils. Not to mention driving out to the country and lining up outside some grannery with our bags.

Another thing, although we have been assured that this sickness is not spread from pigs to humans through our food supply Canadian pork inspections have been increased. That doesn't give me confidence. No wonder the pork producers are a bit ticked.

Perhaps this is nothing to really worry about but even so, I am washing my hands more that usual, keeping an eye out for Mexicans and giving people with tans a wide berth..

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