Harper and Flaherty, a Comedy Team?

Things are weirder than usual in Ottawa. Stephen Harper claims we were the last into the recession and that we will be the first to claw our way out. The economists think he is blowing smoke, as does everyone else. I don’t know about you but, I expect a little more from my Prime Minister than this sort of boosterism.

Meanwhile, his Finance Minister, Jungle Jim Flaherty went over to the Senate the same day Harper was making his pronouncements and threatened the old buggers in the upper chamber, telling them to pass his budget without delay. Flaherty said no economists saw this down turn coming, which of course he just made up, and that any delay would hurt the government’s attempt to get money out into the community.

Does anyone really think that this Government has a clue? Flaherty says that no one saw this coming and that this country is in great shape. I hope that no one will forget for a minute that the when Liberals were voted out of office there was a $10 Billion surplus. In short order and in a boom economy, the Conservative/Reform/Alliance Government has squandered that surplus and we were running a $12 Billion Deficit. That was before the downturn hit us all. Anyone who was paying the least bit of attention saw this coming. What happened was that most of our capitalist economists were in denial.

Meanwhile, Chrysler says if it doesn’t major concessions from the Autoworkers and major cash from the government, it will stop making cars in Canada. Can they still spell e-x-p-r-o-p-r-i-a-t-i-o-n in Ottawa?

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