Gas Prices

What is it about gas prices? I confess there are a few things I find perplexing about it all.

Are the major oil companies working in collusion? Every time our political people look into it curiously enough the come to the same conclusion, "No". I guess that is where my perplexity turns to confusion.

Let's think about it.
  • The cost of a barrel of oil was going down. Price of fuel has gone up.
  • All the major oil companies go up at the same time.
  • The little retailers sell it at 10 cents a liter cheaper.
  • The oil comes out of the ground in Western Canada and it is refined here in Regina but we pay more at the pump than in Ottawa.
  • There are no oil pipelines from Western Canada to Eastern Canada. Eastern Canada's oil comes in by tanker ship from the Middle East, they pay less in Toronto than we do here in Regina.
  • The USA buys a huge amount of Canadian oil. Gas prices are considerable cheaper in the states.
None of that makes sense.

I'd say we are being ripped off and Saskatchewan politicians love the amount of tax they get from those high prices. No wonder they don't see collusion.

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