I thought I'd try to move away from some of the political commentary and share this with you. After all who needs another "impressions of the inauguration" blog posting. Truth be told I didn't watch it.

When we were in London last year I first became aware of an anonymous but amazing street artist who calls himself Banksy. Most of his work is on old, abandoned buildings but some are tucked here and there in corners where you might miss them if you weren't looking carefully.

The Tate Modern bookstore had an art book featuring his work, which is hard to find. The City of London considers him a graffiti artist and covers his work up, when they become aware of it. He has nevertheless become somewhat of a cult hero and has developed a huge international following. Photos of his work are quite prevalent on the web.

While we were in London he sponsored a show featuring his own work and that of other famous street artists. It was held in an unused train tunnel attached to London's Waterloo Station. The line ups were blocks long. Thousands of people waited hours, on the street, in an unusually warm summer day to see his work.

Do yourself a favour and Google "Banksy." I hope you like his images as much as I do.


  1. hey gord,nice blog. yeh, i love banksy, i think he's a genius.

  2. one of my all-time favourite artists, ever. check out the flickr site:



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