T.G.I.F. - Floor Hockey

Friday at last. Even in a short week I am glad to see it arrive. I didn't think I'd care, after all, what is the difference to a retired guy but, I do. The weekend means more people are around the house, it is more social time and, of course, it means that tonight we play floor hockey.

It has been an odd week.

The Conservative Party faithful met this week in Winnipeg, a kind of Republican lite. I am sure that is a fun group...but I digress.

In advance of a world meeting on the state of the economy, Harper aligned himself with the Americans instead of looking at what the European Leaders are saying. No surprise there really but the EU is a huge potential market for trade and we are already feeling the effects of putting too many of our eggs in one basket. Harper should keep our options open.

And in another right wing lovefest the Saskatchewan Party is meeting in Saskatoon. In advance of that, Brad Wall is boasting that he has taken another 80,000 people off the tax rolls. I am not sure what message that sends. Well, I do know it is the wrong one. Is that his constituency?

In a province of about 1 million people how many people don't pay tax if "another 80,000 people" recently joined those ranks. How do people who pay no tax at all, feel that they are a productive part of our society.

Surely, as Brad goes on and on about the Saskatchewan boom the real question is, why can't we find good paying jobs for these people? Why are he and his business friends flying to Ontario looking for workers if so many people here make so little that they don't pay taxes. Boasting about the number of people in the province that don't pay taxes is something I don't ever remember any premier in this country say before.

I always thought the Sask Party's thinking was a bit skewed.

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