It is going to be an interesting debate

Elizabeth May won huge in the debate draw. In the English language debate, Stephen Harper is on the extreme end with May next to him. That means May will be free to turn at any moment and directly confront the Prime Minister. She is also between Stephane Dion (in the centre position) and Harper, centring the frame in the only fight that really matters. Chances are very high that May will be in "the clip," if there is one.

Jack Layton has a similar - albeit less dramatic - win in the French language debate placement. Between Harper and Dion, with Gilles Duceppe to Dion's left is a good spot. He gets a chance to attack Harper directly, showing he is the real opposition leader, while Dion is off in the corner.

Dion has decent placement, but he would rather be confronting Harper than Duceppe in French. In English, he is going to have to fight Layton off while yelling over May to attack Harper (and in mediocre English.

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