We actually had brunch today. Chris thought it would be fun to do that so Shelley and I had coffee when we got up and then about noon we served up coffee, sausage, bacon eggs, toast and hash browned potatoes. It was nice. I think we’ll do it again.
I spend most of the day working out side in the garden. I put tomatoes in, Roma, Grape and medium regular sized tomatoes. I planted the catnip and discovered some cilantro growing from last years’ seed. I have pretty much fixed the lawn where the dogs tore it up. We have to just wait for the grass to grow now.
I also bought a few water plants and put the fish in the pond. They look great as always. I think they like the extra space.
We ate supper outside again tonight. It was a lovely evening but to cool to hang out and light a fire.
Back to work tomorrow. I fly to Ottawa for a day Tuesday for a lobby effort about the loss of manufacturing jobs.

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