A bit of a Balancing Act

This post isn't really about morality it is about being a bit inept and it is about hypocrisy.

The Saskatchewan Party’s Advanced Employment and Employment Minister Rob Norris has been having a bad couple of weeks. He was on his feet again in Question Period this week answering how it was that an escort service was recruiting young women using the government website, Saskjobs The escort service ad asks young women to reply with a picture and says that they want to add new females to their exclusive line up.

In fairness the ad wasn’t up for all that long, but it was up long enough to catch the eye of the NDP. Guidelines for the site say that they will not accept ads for strippers, exotic dancers, women who give erotic massages or escorts.

It wasn’t very long ago that the Sask Party Justice Minister Dom Morgan asked Craig’s List to remove erotic ads from its website from Canadian cities. If I recall at that point he went so far as to say they would find ways to block the site if they didn’t comply.

The Saskatchewan Party which has deep roots in the religious right is a little embarrassed. Norris claims to be sickened by it all.

Not so fast.

Norris is a bit quick climbing back onto his high horse if you think about it. The Saskatchewan Party, as was the NDP when they were in power, are always quick to claim credit for the great services their Crown Corporations offer.

I am not sure how that all balances on that moral high horse when, SaskTel, a Crown Corporation, is probably the largest distributer of pornography in the province through its Max TV “Adult” movie service.

Just sayin’.

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